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Our web design portfolio highlights some of our design work in a variety of categories. Since each of our clients are unique, you will see many different web design styles as you browse through. It is always our policy to implement the client's ideas first and offer our suggestions as we go.
Click on any of the graphics to preview the website or the URL to visit the website.
couponSeven.com URL: www.couponSeven.com arrow

Job Implemented: Dynamic html, css, asp, vbscript, javascript, SQL, custom logo, layout. ASP dynamic-driven pages based on SQL coupon database.

Description: couponSeven is a coupon website for the consumer who loves to save money while shopping online. couponSeven.com maintains a fast, easy to navigate interface that allows visitors to browse coupons in different groups, by holidays or by most desirable coupons.

RedRiver98.com URL: www.RedRiver98.com arrow

Job Implemented: New template website with guest book, rsvp and Google checkout.

Description: Red River High School class of 1998 is having their 10 year reunion and this website is dedicated to providing event details, guest book, class photos, rsvp, payment collection and trip planning information.

PlainCoupons.com URL: www.PlainCoupons.com arrow

Job Implemented: Text-only table-based website with fast page delivery and search.

Description: PlainCoupons was created to satisfy the coupon shoppers who want the top coupons as quickly as possible. There are no graphics or advertising and only the top coupons, top expiring coupons and top exclusive promo codes for all of the major online stores including Finish Line, Expedia and Overstock.com.

JasonJoAnn.com URL: www.JasonJoAnn.com arrow

Job Implemented: New template website with photos, guest book and navigation.

Description: The website is for Jason & JoAnn who are getting married on July 28, 2007 in Malibu, California. This is where everyone can find out everything they wanted to know about the wedding & location. After the wedding, the website will highlight event photos and the honeymoon.

Xstamper.com URL: www.Xstamper.com arrow

Job Implemented: Complete re-design of e-commerce & marketing website. ASP dynamic-driven pages based on Access database catalog.

Description: Xstamper is a large custom stamp & industrial office supply manufacturer based in southern California and New Jersey. Xstamper has always been at the leading edge of innovation in the stamp industry.

CouponShare.com URL: www.CouponShare.com arrow

Job Implemented: Custom logo design, complete dynamic html, css, asp, vbscript, javascript, SQL, access database, advanced custom web database administration.

Description: A completely new approach to coupon sharing on the Internet. CouponShare maintains a database of over 3,700 merchants with daily updates. The goal at CouponShare.com is to provide an easy way for consumers to save money when shopping on the Internet.
PFCU.org URL: www.ParishionersFCU.org arrow

Job Implemented: Complete re-design of website to active server pages with dynamic html menus, intelligent applications and new tools. Create banners, an online survey for members and promotional games.

Description: Parishioners Federal Credit Union is dedicated to serving Catholics in and around the area of Torrance, CA. A credit union is a great way to obtain the best rates on savings accounts and loans.
HighRPMS.com URL:: www.HighRPMs.com arrow

Job Implemented: A new website for auto experiences amongst friends. Features include graphics design, thumbnail browser, logo creation & maintenance.

Description: High RPMs is dedicated to exotic cars and great automobile adventures. Find automotive advice, manufacturer information and great advice on HighRPMS.com.
CouponsLTD.com URL:: www.CouponsLTD.com arrow

Job Implemented: Create a new coupon site, logo and easy way to contact a business.

Description: CouponsLTD.com is for the management and operations of very large & popular coupon websites CouponShare.com, couponSeven.com and PlainCoupons.com. CouponShare.com and couponSeven.com offer easy access to more than 4,000 popular online stores and the best selection of coupons, coupon codes, discounts and deals on the Internet.
GurusInternational.net URL:: www.GurusInternational.net arrow

Job Implemented: A flash driven website done from a Swish template. Features include flash design, customization, logo creation & PDF documents.

Description: Gurus International is focused on bringing high end services to the elite class. Everything from massage and Acupuncture to advice and well-being can be found on the Gurus International website.
USAirwaysCU.org URL: www.USAirwaysCU.org arrow

Job Implemented: New website layout, graphics and animated banners.

Description: US Airways Credit Union was formed by the merger of America West and US Airways. It is based out of Tempe, AZ and serves the US Airways and America West airline employees.
Lunatic-Phringe.com URL: www.Lunatic-Phringe.com arrow

Job Implemented: Brand new website including photo album, flash mp3 & active server pages.

Description: Lunatic Phringe is a place for a group of friends to share their experiences through photo albums. Most pictures are posted around the life of Jason Husman.
AWCU.org URL:: www.AWCU.org arrow

Job Implemented: Face lift for a aging website. New graphics, colors & easy to navigate layout.

Description: America West Credit Union is owned & operated by Continental Federal Credit Union and is based out of Tempe, Arizona and serves the America West airline employees.
XstamperReinking.com URL: www.XstamperReinking.com arrow

Job Implemented: Create a few easy to navigate pages with PDF downloads and FAQs.

Description: This website is dedicated to the re-inking instructions for Xstamper brand stamps. Along with the instructions shipped with every stamp, users can also visit this website for help.
SkinDeals.com URL: www.SkinDeals.com arrow

Job Implemented: Design the first adult oriented coupons website with original logo, pop-up coupons and rotating banners.

Description: SkinDeals is where you will find adult related coupons for stores such as Frederick's of Hollywood, Playboy, Adam & Eve and more! SkinDeals.com is where everyone stops when they feel like shopping for lingerie, sex toys, instruction, videos, books, sexual aids and more.
EliteMedicalStaff.com URL: www.EliteMedicalStaff.com arrow

Job Implemented: All new website using simple custom template. This site incorporates the use of frames, custom logo, maps & easy navigation.

Description: Elite Medical Staffing provides technical staffing solutions and placement services exclusively to the medical community for projects in Northern and Southern California, Pacific Northwest, Arizona and Nevada.
CDNservices.org URL: www.CDNservices.org arrow

Job Implemented: New website including for a new business. Features include custom logo design, photo album.

Description: CDN Services provides a variety of services in and around the El Segundo, CA area. Everything from event planning to custom baskets can be found here.
ToySexToy.com URL: www.toySEXtoy.com arrow

Job Implemented: Create disclaimer page, framed border and navigation for Sex Toys site.

Description: Sex Toys is a popular business on the Internet and toySEXtoy is an extremely large toy site. Create your own sex toy site by signing up as an affiliate!
BuySmartStamps.com URL: www.BuySmartStamps.com arrow

Job Implemented: New website for selling stamps with FAQ, contact, re-inking and B2B communications.

Description: BuySmartStamps is a small stamp business that sells Xstamper products direct through the Xstamper website and uses this page as generic and contact information.
MelissaMillion.com URL: www.MelissaMillion.com arrow

Job Implemented: Brand new website including shtml, javascript, css, photo album, e-mail form, Pay Pal shopping cart, guest book & membership section for model Melissa Million.

Description: Melissa Million was an aspiring model in 2003. This site was where Melissa Million could easily promote her portfolio. The website was also the showcase for events, photo shoots, contests, blog and fans of Melissa Million.